John Kelly is all of us

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reacts to Trump's UN speech. (AP photo)
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reacts to Trump’s UN speech. (AP photo)

In case you missed it, President Trump made his debut before the United Nations General Assembly today, delivering a … unique … speech before the world body in which he:

  • Championed state sovereignty while calling for regime change in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran.
  • Threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, which would, if taken seriously, mean the lives of 25 million North Koreans. For starters.
  • Announced, with all but a termination date, that the United States will pull out of the agreement to end Iran’s nuclear weapons development program.
  • Used a childish nickname, “Rocket Man,” to taunt North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.
  • Boasted about his electoral victory, the US stock market, and the proposed $700 billion we intend to spend on our military.
  • Pledged to defeat “radical Islamic terrorism” and to punish those who support it through providing safe havens, political, orĀ economic support, while praising Saudi Arabia which provides political and economicĀ support for radical Islamic terrorist groups.
  • Praised countries that have accepted refugees from the wars in Syria and Iraq while standing unapologetic about our own refusal to do the same.
  • And used that issue as a springboard to blast what he described as “unfettered migration.”

It’s no wonder White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reacted the way he did.