More things I want to believe

This Gilmore has a better chance of being elected president than the Gilmore who filed his papers to run as a Republican this week.


1) More people care about the killing of Sam Dubose at the hands of a University of Cincinnati rent-a-cop than the killing of Cecil the lion by a Minnesota dentist.

2) The Hamilton County, Ohio prosecutor’s blunt honesty about the clear facts of this incident marks the beginning of the end of automatically granting cops the benefit of the doubt in these all too common cases.

3) James Gilmore, former one-term governor of Virginia, will be the last Republican to launch a futile bid for the 2016 nomination. Both Happy Gilmore and Jimmie Dale Gilmore have a better shot at getting elected president even though one is fictional and the other spent much of the ’70s on an ashram in Denver studying metaphysics with a teenage Indian guru.

4) An economically developed, stable democratic country will again one day host the Olympics or World Cup. Meanwhile, book your tickets now for snowless Beijing and the 2022 Winter games.

5) Perhaps at the same time as the International Olympic Committee gets its own FIFA style corruption investigation.

6) Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s confirmed death changes everything on the ground in Afghanistan.

7) The New Hampshire focus group in which participants described Donald Trump as “like one of us,” and predicted that a Trump presidency would be “classy” was really an elaborate prank for Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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