Protect our corruption! Vote GOP!

(Photo illustration: The Daily Beast)


In assessing the incredibly weak hand that Republicans are holding with less than eight weeks before midterm elections, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin makes this excellent point at the Washington Post today:

Finally, the entire GOP argument that if Democrats are elected, the Democrats will investigate corruption, obstruction, his fitness to govern, etc., is getting more nutty by the day. Democrats’ response is increasingly effective: That’s right, it’s about time someone held Trump and his cronies accountable.

Stoking fear that Congress would do its job without spineless Republican majority leaders somehow doesn’t “sing” as a GOP campaign message. And if ever there was a felt need to keep Trump in check, his constant media presence surely will remind voters that an unchecked Trump is a dangerous Trump.

The problem, of course, is the president himself. Trump has become radioactive to all but his most rabid supporters. Recent polling makes that clear, even in the Midwest and Rust Belt states that delivered him the White House back in 2016.

Trump’s administration is little more than a shabby Pandora’s box of comically inept corruption, blatant cronyism, nepotism, and self-dealing. That’s when it’s not being criminally negligent or malevolently cruel.

If the best case the GOP can make to voters is that they need to return a Republican majority to Congress in order to protect that sorry record, they may as well not contest the race at all.

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