Gaza is a concentration camp

Israeli troops face Palestinian protesters along the Gaza border fence. (Photo: New York Times)
Israeli troops face Palestinian protesters along the Gaza border fence. (Photo: New York Times)


Yes, I know that is an inflammatory headline. But what else should we call a place where the inmates are shot down by soldiers when they approach the wire that imprisons them?

gaza_2007_map_correct_PASSIAThe map here (click on it to enlarge), created by Palestinian academics in 2007, helps us understand why. Through the use of fences, exclusion zones, and heavily guarded crossings, Israel controls the flow of goods, construction supplies, even food and medicine, into Gaza. And it prevents most Gazans from leaving.

The fishing limits imposed on Gaza by Israel has led to the collapse of the Gazan fishing industry, with devastating impact on the territory’s economy.

The border fence is designed to keep Palestinians from leaving Gaza; from the Israeli perspective its purpose is to prevent Palestinian terrorists from infiltrating Israel. Its effectiveness has been maintained over the years through the use of lethal force.

Just like the lethal force that was used against Palestinian protesters yesterday leaving at least 60 dead and up to 2,000 wounded.

Let that sink in for a moment: Sixty people killed by Israeli soldiers and thousands more wounded.

So think about it again: What else should we call a territory where people are contained against their will, with their movement, livelihoods, even their very lives, under the total control of a military willing to kill in order to maintain that control?

Gaza is a concentration camp.

The art of the what?


The more the president talks about his approach to negotiation, the more painfully obvious it is he didn’t write a single word of The Art of the Deal. He probably didn’t even read it.

Take, for example, Trump’s head-scratching belief that he has a viable “proposal for peace” between the Palestinians and Israel:

“We have a great proposal for the Palestinians, it covers a lot of the things we discussed over the years.”

However, Trump then noted that the U.S. had taken the issue of Jerusalem out of the talks. “They never got past Jerusalem. We took it off the table. We don’t have to talk about it anymore.”

Given that the status of Jerusalem is one of the most critical issues for the Palestinians, and an essential element of any future two-state solution, this simply defies common sense, as Joshua Keating points out over at Slate:

I may not have written The Art of the Deal, but I’m pretty sure that this is not how negotiations work. If I were applying for a job and negotiating salary, benefits, and vacation days, then told that I would be getting no vacation days at all so that the issue would be “off the table,” I don’t think this would make me more willing to compromise on salary and benefits.

The Palestinians certainly aren’t buying what Trump is selling either.

“Those who say that Jerusalem is off the table are saying that peace is off the table. The holy city is in the hearts of each and every Palestinian, Arab, Christian and Muslim, and there will be no peace without East Jerusalem being the sovereign capital of the State of Palestine,” (Palestinian peace negotiator) Saeb Erekat said in a statement.

Trump seems to think he can blackmail the Palestinians to the negotiating table by threatening to withhold aid, as he did in Davos yesterday. But the Palestinian Authority isn’t some porn star who’s silence he can buy, or some contractor he can stiff on the bill.

“Trump could buy many things with his money, but he won’t be able to buy the dignity of our nation,” (Erekat) added.

As for that “great proposal” of a peace deal that Trump claims is on offer, the Palestinians have seen enough to expect it to be a farce. It denies them a capital in Jerusalem, allows Israel to annex West Bank settlements, gives Israel control over Palestinian airports, seaports, maritime and land borders, and leaves the Israeli military free to continue to operate in what is supposed to be a sovereign Palestinian state.

There’s no deal to be had there. And Trump can neither bully, nor buy, his way to one if those are the terms.