Trump’s America today

trump vegas

This is what you’re voting for when you vote for Donald Trump:

Episodes like this have become so common that Slate has been keeping a running tally of violent incidents at Trump rallies and events.

The sucker punch delivered to a peaceful protester being escorted out by police is bad enough. Worse yet are the roars of approval from the crowd.

I won’t bother pointing out that it’s the protester that’s shown being arrested on the video, not the man who assaulted him. Nor that any of the other available video shows anything different, though a local television station reported this afternoon that assault and battery charges have been filed in the incident.

The Washington Post has the full story and more video from yesterday’s rally in Fayetteville, N.C., where the latest violence occurred.  You should read it.  And if you think this is a fluke, then read this one. Or this one, with the dire prediction that even worse violence is yet to come.

I am at a loss for words.