Look to the master

Those boots! So … stylish!

Apparently Marco Rubio has a masculinity problem. At least according to his GOP rivals and a media which has gleefully leaped on the story of the candidate and his shiny, high-heeled boots.

And so, as The New York Times tells us, the candidate is overcompensating by talking guns, football,  and showing off his cheerleader wife. And there’s more:

Mr. Rubio is radiating machismo on the campaign trail lately, lending locker-room locutions to his pronouncements denigrating President Obama’s military strategy (“This is not a real war on terror. This is a joke”), or sizing up adversaries like Vladimir V. Putin (“He smells weakness”), or his dream choices for cabinet posts (top-flight talent from the New England Patriots).

From where I sit Rubio is going about it all wrong. There is one, and only one, source of inspiration for any politician who wants to underscore his manly bonafides, and that’s the testosterone-dripping living legend himself, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Seriously, who can top this?


Want more? Cruise on over here and glory in 43 (that’s right, 43!) photos of Putin exuding more machismo than any world leader has a right to display.

And Rubio, take notes.