I’ve been a little … disengaged

And by that I mean disengaged from the seemingly never-ending election campaign. This is entirely by design.

I studiously avoided paying attention to the Iowa caucuses, which is good given what a fiasco that turned out to be. And I only know what happened yesterday in the New Hampshire primary because I happened to be in the car with the radio on last evening when results were being announced.

I haven’t watched a single Democratic debate. I haven’t written a single blog post on this election cycle, the field of Democratic candidates, or how they stack up against each other. And frankly I feel absolutely fine with that.

I hope not to pay attention to the upcoming contests in Nevada and South Carolina. I may tune in come Super Tuesday in March, and then, a week later, I fully intend to vote in the Michigan primary. I know enough about the field to have preferences. But I don’t know that I’ll write about any of it.

(Credit: Bramhall)

By contrast, I was deeply invested in the 2016 process. Looking back over this blog, I first posted about that circus in August 2015, and even then, as this cartoon suggests, the freak show dimensions of the race were already well in place. And, as we saw, it would only get worse from there. My attention was focused almost exclusively on the Republicans, where more than a dozen hopefuls organized themselves into a circular firing squad and killed each other off while a grifting real estate developer and con artist steadily outraged his way to his party’s nomination and eventually the White House. I paid almost no attention to the Democratic primary contest.

I wrote exactly one piece on the outcome of a Democratic primary, after Bernie Sanders wiped the floor with Hillary Clinton in West Virginia. I made a passing reference to the Clinton-Sanders contest in a much earlier piece. And I wrote one more on Sanders’ views on free trade. That was it. Otherwise it was all Republicans all the time, as my horror over the impending catastrophe of the Trump candidacy grew and the implications of his possible election coalesced.

This time around I have no desire to wade into an evaluation of the various Democrats still in the race. Here’s why.

It. Just. Doesn’t. Matter.

Because come November, as far as I am concerned, A.D.W.D. Any Democrat Will Do.